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Optimystic Technology

Optimystic Technology, an information and technology company, is combined form of three different services under a single roof designed to meet te needs of the people. Basically, Optimystic Technology is a gateway to your online and software requirements.

  • If you need any kind of software or IT related services we are there for your help as Optimystic Solutions.
  • If you love shopping online or want to have online shopping experience, we are there for you as Optimystic Store.
  • If you are in love with sports and want to know about the important match updates, we are available as Optimystic Sports.

Optimystic Sports

Optimystic Sports, another web portal and integral part of Optimystic Technology, is all about sports and only sports. Sport, of any kind, has always been a strong binding agent in bring people together and we, Optimystic Sports, also try the same.

Optimystic Sports focuses in providing fast updates about the important games all around the world whether it be football or cricket or basketball or any other forms of game. Information about the players and upcoming matches, interesting sport info and many more about sports is now in your hands.

Nepal Sasnskrit University

Nepal Sanskrit University, the then Mahendra sanskrit University established in 1986 under Mahendra Sanskrit Act 2043, was established with the objectives to systematize Sanskrit education up to higher level, to preserve and promote its achievements , and develop Nepal into a centre for learning Sanskrit language and literature. Nepal Sanskrit University aims at producing qualified scholars to safeguard national culture and produce competent men power in Aurveda, Jyoutisha, Yogic Sciences, and naturopathy along with Sanskrit Scholars to meet the national and international need.

Kailash Bodhi School

Kailash Bodhi School is registered under the Ministry of Education, Govt. of Nepal. It is a secondary (Madhyamik) school, which has successfully promoted many batches of students for S.L.C. examinations with colorful results since 1998.