How to Wrap a Product to Ship Overseas: 5 Steps to Save Time and Money

Wrap a product before shipping it overseas is a relatively straightforward process. Besides, if you don’t do it right, you can end up with damage. On the other hand, however, you may receive your packaging back due to poor packaging. In both cases, you can get out of money. We’ll take you through an example of how we packaged one of our products for overseas export.

The first step is to wrap the product in bubble wrap.

The first step is to wrap the product in bubble wrap. This ensures that the product is not damaged or faulty. In addition, the bubble wrap will prevent the development from moving around in the box. Thus, your product will be secure from scratches and other damages. Next comes the cost of a good packing tape. We can buy this online or at a lot of office supply stores. It is the paper that helps the product breathe when it is in a box or pouch. So, if you cut the tape before export, the product inside will not live, damaging it. Here is a link to a more detailed, in-depth blog post on packing tape. We need extra care while dealing with vape products. Besides, that product needs vape cartridge packaging boxes.

Then, package the product in transparent or opaque plastic, which is quite strong and will protect the product from scratches or scuffs in the package. I like to pack the product in the smallest possible size. For this particular product, I used a 28 x 28mm box. You can use a larger box if you want. The last step before we pack the product is to spray the product. Besides, a high-quality bottle of product spray is also available. However, you can use a few drops per product, which is cheap but makes the job faster.

I also like to roll the product up tightly (like wrapping it around a butter knife). So, I can put the product in the envelope with the product. Besides, you do not have to worry about sweating out the effect on the rolling. This will prevent the development from sweating and rotting away. Furthermore, the product will be safe from the sun or direct light. Finally, when shipping the product, I always deliver the product the fastest way. Furthermore, I can think of: First, I put it on a pallet and then drop it off at the post office. However, I can use a duffle that consists of a wood or pallet box.

Next, cover the product with a layer of packaging foam.

We place the product in a mold and cover it with a layer of packaging foam. We can remove the product and the packaging foam to recycle. Next, we remove the foam from the mold and unwrap the product, ready to make its overseas debut. You are pretty excited about this potential sale. However, before we shipped this product, we compiled a data review of each of our products. Our suggested retail price (RRP) for this product was $110.00. With the current rate of inflation.

However, roughly 6%, we thought this would be very tough to justify exporting this product. So, we set a $100.00 RRP as our projected cost for the cost of shipping. We then researched approved destinations to export this product to. The top three destinations we went with were. However, the Philippines is the highest-selling destination in Philippines for products shipped overseas. The top product sold in the Philippines volumes for Social Media content marketing software skyrocketed 50% within a month of being exported (back in 2016!). Therefore, we feel confident that shipping this product to the Philippines is an excellent idea due to the country’s high volume of product sales.

Canada Did anyone mentions the fact that high-end products are always popular overseas?! While exporting this product to Canada would require a lower RRP (probably closer to $60), we aren’t planning to ship it to Canada at this time. The reason is that we’re still evaluating the level of sales and bindings, whatever that means for Canada here. Ireland Okay, so it’s not quite as popular as the Philippines or Canada, but it can certainly play into your bottom line if you decide to export this product.

Finally, seal the product inside a box and packed with other items for shipment overseas.

The product is finally ready for consumer consumption! Now, seal the product inside a box and pack it with other items for shipment. The box is then sent to the distribution center to inspect it for damage and confirm its authenticity. Next, place the product on a pallet and loaded onto a boat or plane. Soon after it leaves the manufacturer, the product must undergo customs inspections. It’s doubtful that the product will make it to its destination. Customs inspectors have to run tests on the product, look for obscenities on its package, and scrutinize the contents.

If they determine, the product is counterfeit. They can cancel the order. Next, the product needs to pass exportation surveys. If the product is actually from a country known for counterfeit goods, customs will require to pay its real value to the manufacturer. Finally, we pass the product through security at the border. We were handed off to a distribution center. Examine the product for damage during customs and authenticity at the edge. Then we load the product onto a pallet and load it onto a truck. After 2 hours, the wrong pallet derailed.

The contents fell off, and pieces became erratic, creating random disarray. The distribution center was now faced with two options: augment the contents or recycling the specially marked trash can. They chose the trash can. Consequently, the product took more than 2 hours to reach its destination. The expenses associated with the lost owner made this a sizeable bill: USD 6,400.

On top of that, it cost the manufacturer nearly USD 10,000 to ship the product. Luckily, we quickly resolved the issue and shipped the product to its intended destination within 24 hours. So, here’s the payoff at the end of the day. Finally, you can get custom cigarette packaging boxes for your best-crafted cigarettes.


Wrapping your products before shipping will help keep them safe and sound during their journey to their destination country, but you need to do it correctly to ensure the best results.



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