MDConnection Review

MDConnection is a cloud-based medical practice management software system. It offers electronic claim processing, but it lacks a native EHR. ITQlick gives it a 2.4 out of 10 score and offers a total cost breakdown. The company has its own website with detailed pricing.

MDConnection is a cloud-based medical practice management solution

The MDConnection software package can help medical offices and urgent care centers streamline administrative and clinical processes. Its features include automated billing, code scanning, and smart scheduling. It also comes with pre-built integrations with EHRs. It has multiple user access levels, so different employees can access different parts of the software system.

The MDConnection system is available as a free trial or as a subscription service. Pricing for medical practices starts at $299 per month for unlimited transactions, while non-MD providers pay a one-time fee of $199 per month. Users can also access online tutorials, as well as phone support.

It offers electronic claim processing

MDConnection is an electronic claim processing platform with built-in financial analytics. It was launched by La Jolla Digital, LLC, in 2005, and has between two and ten employees. It caters to medical billing professionals, ambulatory care organizations, and single physicians. Its cloud-based service does not require servers or additional hardware. It also offers free training videos.

MDConnection’s main feature is its ability to reduce the chances of claim errors and improve the speed of claim processing. A human input will always contain transcription errors and significant mistakes, but with electronic claim submission, such mistakes will not even be considered. Moreover, the software will prompt the representative if there are any mistakes, and will fix them if they are discovered.

It lacks a native EHR

MDConnection is a top-tier cloud-based medical practice management solution that strives to fully automate workflow for both the front and back office. The company is HIPAA-compliant and claims to have over 20,000 users and 99% uptime. Despite lacking an EHR, MDConnection still offers a robust platform for medical practices that aims to simplify front and back-office workflow.

The company offers four MDConnection plans that include unlimited support and 24/7 software access. The software is not free, however. MDConnection does charge for training, which takes place through its GoToMeeting platform. A one-hour session costs $100 (PS81). There are also free training videos available online.


MDConnection is a cloud-based medical billing and practice management solution. It is suitable for ambulatory care organizations, urgent care facilities, and single practitioners. The software offers billing, code scrubbing, and scheduling, and integrates with PatientConnection, an online patient registration and insurance verification system. It comes in three subscription plans and is priced at $199 per month per provider.

MDConnection is a cloud-based software solution, meaning there are no upfront costs and a low monthly rate. It also likely works with any hardware you already have, and is accessible anywhere with an internet connection. In addition, MDConnection offers 24/7 support for all its features. you can check ChartLogic EHR Software.

It lacks mobile apps

Although MDConnection offers a number of benefits, it doesn’t have mobile apps or a native EHR. Instead, the company partners with Nexus Clinical or Elation Health to provide these features. As a result, MDConnection users must pay a separate fee for access to their EHR.

MDConnection’s training is done over a GoToMeeting platform. Up to 25 people can connect at one time for a one-hour training session. There are also videos available for users to watch for free. There are also four plans, all of which provide unlimited support.
It lacks financial analytics

MDConnection is a cloud-based software package that integrates financial analytics with the medical billing process. The software is developed by La Jolla Digital, LLC, which has between two and ten employees. It is designed for small practices, hospitals, and single physicians. It is ideal for small practices because it doesn’t require servers or additional hardware.

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